Do you have a rewards program? 

We do have a rewards program called Perka, and with it you get a 10% in store credit with every purchase you make in our store. So if you spend $50, you get $5 off on your next purchase, or you can accumulate points and use them all at once for a larger discount.


What is your return policy? 

If you purchase something from us, it is unused, you have a receipt and you want to return it we likely can give you a store credit for that product.


If you don’t have a product in stock, can you order it?

In most cases we can and will order a product you want if we do not have it in stock. 


What do I do if my device breaks or is not working properly?

We stand behind all our products at Huntington Village Vapes. You are always encouraged to bring the device back to the shop and have us take a look at it to see what we can do to resolve the issue. If you are trying to address the issue yourself, customers frequently go on Youtube for help videos and tutorials. If we cannot resolve the issue and the device is not broken due to user error than we will do our best to swap out the device or give you an in-store credit for the amount of the broken device.


My tank is leaking.  What could be causing that to happen?

The most common reason a tank would be leaking is that the coil is done and needs to be changed. Assuming the coil is fine, and you aren’t missing an o-ring or any other part of the tank, the key to keeping a tank from leaking is keeping the device upright and not upside down or on its side. If you don’t use the tank for an extended period of time the coil can get over-saturated and leak as well.

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