At Huntington Village Vapes, our wide selection of accessories are designed to meet all your vaping needs. We carry a great variety of batteries, cotton, cases, sleeves, chargers, building tools, prebuilt coils, and wire to help you customize and optimize your vaping experience.

Featured Accessories

Whether you are trying to customize the look of your device, get all the tools and wire you need to build like pro, or get a cool sleeve and case for your vape, we got you covered! Our assortment of the top brands in the industry will help you truly perfect your vaping experience.

Top Vaping Accessories
Other Brands

• Anarchist

• Cotton Candy

• Diamond Vapes

• Eleaf

• Flawless

• LG

• Limitless

• Mojo Vapor

• Native Wicks

• Samsung

• Shuttle Star

• Sigelei

• Sony

• SubOMHcell

• Tesla

• Tobecco

• Trustfire

• Vapowire

• Wotofo